Breakout List - India

What company should I join?

“If you join a company, my general advice is 
to join a company on a breakout trajectory.”

— Sam Altman, President at Y Combinator



The Original Breakout List-US has been used by thousands of engineers to identify great companies to join.

It focusses on United States based companies and not all great engineers can move there. Thanks to Sir Obama and Trump, lot of good engineering companies have opened Indian offices recently or started taking Indian markets more seriously.

We’ve curated some of these high tech companies, Indian or not, but doing software engineering in India.

Career Notes for Ambitious Engineers and Designers

Emerging Breakout Teams in India

Each ₹ is a range of 10 lakhs, so ₹₹ means 10-20 lakhs per annum and ₹₹₹ means 20-30 lakhs per annum and so on

Name Notes Starting Pay (lakhs per annum, CTC) Product Location
Mad Street Den Mad Street Den strong growth, well funded, one of the few companies to actually do AI ₹₹ Computer Vision for fashion under the brand Chennai, TN
Uber Uber Campus Hires from top colleges, fast growing team, 10/10 for growth, work culture at uber ₹₹ Car Rides Bengaluru, KA
GoJek GoJek Young, new office in India, hiring process, work culture at gojek ₹₹ Car, Bike Rides in East Asia Bengaluru, KA
Nutanix Nutanix Hires from top colleges, fast growing team, working at Nutanix, India 20+ Cloud Platform Bengaluru, KA
Qubole Qubole Campus Hires from top colleges, ex-Facebook co-founders, work culture at qubole 10+ Cloud Data Platform Bengaluru, KA
SocialCops SocialCops Data intelligence, socially motivated. Government, Enterprises are main customers, work culture 7+ Apps to collect data, visualization platforms Delhi, NCR
PayTM PayTM Among India’s most well known brands; building their Data Science teams, work culture at paytm ₹₹ ecommerce, payments, bank Bengaluru, KA
Zomato Zomato India’s international restaurant app, answer to Yelp, still growing, losing ground to Maps in some ways, work culture at Zomato has polarising reviews food menu, delivery, restaurant booking NCR
Freshworks Inc. Freshworks India’s most valuable, and among the fastest growing SaaS companies; strong growth, work culture video Chennai, TN
Zoho Zoho Among the fastest growing SaaS companies; steady growth, working at Zoho highlights low pay and poor codebase Enterprise Work Apps Chennai, TN With around $15M in funding, one of the fastest emerging players doing AI for Hiring, SaaS companies; steady growth; work culture 8-10 AI for Hiring Bengaluru, KA
ShareChat Sharechat Among the fastest growing social network companies in India; strong growth Social Network in Regional Indian Languages Bengaluru, KA Emerging chatbot company for enterprise, presuambly does some NLP/ML Unknown Chatbots for recharge etc. Bengaluru, KA
Postman Postman strong growth, team, work culture at postman developer tools; API Development environment Bengaluru, KA
Helpshift Helpshift work culture at helpshift customer support platform, powerful SDK Bengaluru, KA
HasGeek HasGeek work culture creates discussion spaces for geeks, organizes events and conferences Bengaluru, KA
Udaan ex-Flipkart cofounders, $10M in fundraise, work culture at Udaan ₹₹ marketplace for traders, wholesalers, and manufacturers Bengaluru, KA
Hackerearth $4.5M in funding, technical founders with ex-Google experience, themselvers hackers, team and work culture ₹₹ talent assessment for developers, testing platform, organizes hackathons Bengaluru, KA

High Paying Dev Jobs

Name Notes Starting Pay (lakhs per annum, CTC) Product Stage Location
Amazon AWS, Prime are best teams to work for, opportunity to grow quickly, some later move to Seattle, US; press coverage on work culture 27 ecommerce, cloud Public co. Bengaluru, KA
Tower Research Capital Hires the best of the best 30+ Financial Services, Trading Late Gurgaon, NCR
Directi - Platform Engineer Likes competitive programmers, work culture 25+ Hosting, Infra, Web Late, started in 1998 Mumbai, MH
@Samsung Research, Bengaluru - Research roles usually better work than Samsung Delhi/Noida, work for Advanced Technologies Lab if you can, avoid Bixby, IoT 25 Electronics, Machine Learning, Software Engineering Public co. Bengaluru, KA
Flipkart Slow growing, reduced innovation compared to earlier years, best teams to work for are F-lite in apps, data infra, data science; work benefits 27 ecommerce Late Bengaluru, KA
Goldman Sachs likes to hire top GPA folk from top colleges, work for platform teams which work on data science pipelines 30+ banking Public co. Bengaluru, KA
VISA likes to hire from top colleges 20+ payments, transation authentication Public co. Bengaluru, KA
Microsoft stable engineering teams, Microsoft Research is the best to work for, Microsoft IT the worst, IDC has good roles in Azure 15+ windows, office, azure Public co. IDC in Hyderabad, Research in BLR
Sprinklr stable engineering team, lot of people quit early because of work culture, small data science working on text and vision is the best 25+ social media, customer service tools Public co. Gurgaon, NCR
Oracle stable+old engineering team 22, used to pay 12 databases Public co. Benglauru, KA

Exciting Non-profits that I have heard about

Name Notes Cause Approach Location
Udhyam Learning Foundation focused on entrenpreneurial mindset, extremely well-established team learning, mindset classroom, bootcamp style program Bengaluru, KA

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